hotrodsIn our last issue, Nicky & Patches were high-tailin’ it out of Texas. About the time I Finished up writing those pages I came across The Hotrod Hillbillies, and their rockin’ tune “Dragstrip Demon” summed up the mood perfectly. It’s a dirty, dusty, sand-in-your- teeth, Texas tune that conjures up images of scenes right out of “From Dusk Til Dawn.”
Seemingly just as easily as they portray the gritty side of Texas, these Hillbillies can flip around 180 degrees and crank out some fun, fast songs about drinkin’, fast cars and faster women. “Bitch” is your perennial break up tune with a high degree of honesty as they are able to harmonize the “C-word” which is such a rarity with bands these days.
And finally, we have my favorite song of the bunch, “She’s My Chevy”. A steady rocking tune that will be as at home in any garage as the sound of a ratchet wrench.

The Hotrod Hillbillies have a variety of sounds all of which feel definitively Rockabilly. To prove it, the guys have set up this month’s FREE RoadTrip CD on our website for ya’ll. Download 3 awesome tracks to burn to CD and bring along on your next roadtrip. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Track Listing: (click to download individual songs)
1. Dragstrip Demon
3. She’s My Chevy

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