Review/Free Tunes: VULTURE CLUB

vulturecubIt’s all about the attitude! And Vulture Club have got a SICK, SICK one! I first happened upon this band on MySpace. Their main profile song “It’s The Attitude” had gotten stuck in my head before it even ended and had me doing something I rarely ever do, battling MySpace’s incredibly slow servers day after day just to get another listen!

If you’re a fan of bands who can really find the pocket and pump out hooks so catchy that they will have you humming them later in the day after the very first listen, then be sure to give these guys try!

If “horror movies set to music” is your thing, then their track “Zombie Bob” will have you tapping out a B-movie right on your steering wheel. They’ve even included a cover of Nirvana’s “About A Girl” that vocalist Brutus assures us will have Kurt rolling in his grave!

Vulture Club are definitely a cool and talented bunch of cats, and to prove it, they have set up this month’s FREE RoadTrip CD for you all.

Download 6 awesome tracks to burn to CD and bring along on your next roadtrip. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Track Listing:

1. Zombie Bob
2. Dead Girl
3. Pale White Rose
4. Full Moon Blues
5. Its The Attitude
6. About A Girl

Get this issue’s full, free “RoadTrip Recommendation CD” featuring Vulture Club in one easy download. Click here (29 Mb)

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